One Piece at a Time

We are buidling a barn one piece at a time. Both in the sense of pieces of lumber, and bays of the barn. Eventually, the barn will be 50×12. maybe even 60×12. We are building it in 10×12 bays because that’s all we can afford at a time! The first bay, currently under construction, is to be the Blacksmith shop. Mica is delighted, as this is be the first time he’s ever had a shop all his own. Other bays will be a storage unit, the Pottery, a rabbitry, and a honey house. The possible sixth unit would be for the cow, which is a subject still in debate around here… But plans aside, the Barn is finally rising, smelling of dust and sweat and fresh cut wood. One piece at a time.

We had our lumber cut to order at a local sawyer's. He gave us an excellent price on it.


All the wood had to be hauled home. Dad and Mica are very pleased with themselves.


Dad says he's going to lengthen this beam.


A loose chicken checks out the construction.


Dad and Mica got the first wall up in just a couple hours.


Mica hauling beams and beaming!


The balcksmith shop will have a dirt floor.


Johann is going to have the greatest block collection ever!


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  1. Congratulations — beautiful work!