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One Small Step for Cyborgs

One giant step for Mankind. Or at least, for holding it all together while we figure it out.

This article on hydrogel bonding has so many fascinating applications I find it hard to start. It’s not just the adhesive properties, but it’s also conductive, too. In the article, they discuss how they could utilize those features to create a soft lens that could self-focus.

How about a flexible battery? They built that. A stretchable self-powered LED light? Yep. Producing power from sources such as walking and ocean waves? This makes that more possible. not to mention the invisible (to naked eye) bonding, and flexible bonding as strong as the material that is being glued together. It can be used to replace skin, or to dispense drugs to specific tissues on a long-term basis.

It’s really cool.


2 responses to “One Small Step for Cyborgs”

  1. Not familiar with hydrogel. But years ago I thought of a possible burn treatment – a super oxygenated water based gel that would keep burn areas moist, oxygenated, and covered against infections. Possible?

    1. That is what they have used this for, I believe.