Out Now! Just in time for the Holidays…

Taskforce CHIWEENIE and the Poultry Liberation Front 

It’s an adult coloring book. Why adult? Well, the fans asked us not to edit out the salty language. 

This isn’t just a book with line-art illustrations you can add your own color to. It’s a story, loosely told through pithy After Action Reports, by the inimitable Lawdog. Oh, and there’s a recipe at the end of the book (for chicken, not dog!) as well. You’ll get your money’s worth with this one. Laughter, boredom-buster with the colored pencils, and even a tasty meal. 

Lawdog started this off, narrating the stories of his couchwolves and their encounters with the neighbor’s peregrinating chickens. I picked up the narrative thread and wove it into illustrations. Once our mutual friends and fans realized what was going on, they demanded a paper version of the whole thing. So, here you go. It’s a thing. 

Small, but mighty protectors!
Mochi, ruler of all she surveys.