Overwhelmed with Blessings

There are times you need to sit down and count them up, because it’s been simply overwhelming here at the Nut House, and I’ve been more focused on navigating my way through – and making sure my family is as stable as my hands can make them in their passage as well. The power of the mother… but that’s another post. This one is simply regarding all the things that are wonderful in life. We have a new house and it’s rapidly becoming a home. We had lots of time to make the move, and the move is on schedule (albeit simply exhausting and debilitating at times as I have a dust allergy and housecleaning… yeah). I’m essential personnel at work, and they need me. A lot. The First Reader is regarded as superhuman at work, and they assign him tasks accordingly, which both makes me feel blessed to be his wife, he’s a good man, and want to go give his boss a piece of my mind, because if they use him up at this rate they are going to break him.

The Ginja Ninja is about to graduate from high school. The Little Man is working on learning how to ride a bike (no joy, so far, but he’s persistent!). The Junior Mad Scientist has been my right-hand-man for this move, and is making momentous decisions about her future with a lot of input and guidance from the First Reader and I.

It’s wonderful. It’s exhausting. I’m so happy, but most spare moments I just want a nap. Which is part of the reason the blog has been completely neglected. I just haven’t had the mental energy to talk about anything except what’s important to me in the here and now, and that’s pretty boring to the outsider, I suspect. I do want to thank friends for housewarming gifts – Spike, the jam jars will be put to use soon! I might not have my own fruits just yet, but I have some rhubarb I was given and it’s strawberry season. Doug, the trivets and pan handle holders are sweet, and live in the basket on the dining table for use at almost every meal.

Milestones at the new house: we grilled here for the first time on Mother’s Day. The Little Man is apprenticing as my Grill Boy, and he made hamburgers.

The Little Man, JMS, and First Reader built the porch swing together. I really loved seeing them put their heads together and figure out the (very minimalist) instructions. As the First Reader commented, these instructions made Ikea instructions look verbose!

The fruit trees are in the ground, along with a couple dozen berry plants, roses, lilies, irises and poppies. I’ll build the garden slowly over the next few years. Gardens are never complete projects.

All the bookshelves are here, most of the books are unpacked, but somehow I need more bookshelves! Ah, well, that’s always the way isn’t it?

It really did take three of them to get it started.
Siblings in harmony! Well, maybe not with the swing. They were not happy with the swing at this point.
The completed project! They declared it was worth it, now.

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    1. Moving is the pits — I sincerely hope that I don’t have to do another one for a VERY long time. But you have a nice house! I’m looking forward to seeing it next week!

    1. LoL! Well, some of mine went to the kid’s rooms. So I had enough at one point, but not now. The books stored in the rental basement were destroyed by water 🙁

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