You don’t know what you can have, unless you ask.  The Little Man and I were working on the garden, preparing new flowerbeds, and mulching with the one truckload of mulch I’d bought. I had planned to make the garden grow slowly. Not overwhelm myself.  I had not calculated on youth and enthusiasm. The teenager… Read More Ask

Ok here's what were gonna do


Today I logged out of the day job, into the art laptop, and four hours later, I started typing this sentence.  I don’t, usually, work an additional half day after work. But today I was waiting on an HVAC tech to let me know when he was going to be able to fit us into… Read More Working


First Fruits

And the first harvest from the garden is gathered, in the gust front of the coming storm.  I do love a thunderstorm sweeping in, the rush of wind ahead of it tearing leaves from trees and tossing them like confetti. I’d gone out to walk the property and make sure all the doors were closed… Read More First Fruits

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Pickle Beer

When the Sour Pickle Beer tastes light and refreshing, you might have overdone it in the garden. I don’t drink these often – they don’t taste like beer, for the curious. They taste like pickle juice with some fizz, and I only have one when I’m dripping sweat and need to replace electrolytes. I wasn’t… Read More Pickle Beer


Natural World

Is it Monday? No?   Oops. Well, that lasted a long time. Ah, well, I can try to blog daily but I can make no promises. Went for a walk yesterday, and another one today. They cut into my time but they are so rewarding in terms of filling my soul and slimming the body,… Read More Natural World


No Flowers

I had intended to do a post on the wildflowers I photographed this weekend, and how much fun I had over the course of Saturday and Sunday, taking part in the Nature Challenge. And then I had to clean the house, edit and submit a story due by tonight, start on a big project that… Read More No Flowers


Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the season when the sap rises, flowers bloom, and this woman’s thoughts turn to the state of the house. In my case ‘AAAAHHHH!11!! I can’t find anything!’ is a good summary of those thoughts.  Today, then, was the start of spring cleaning. Rather than turn the entire house inside-out over the course of a… Read More Spring Cleaning

Ok here's what were gonna do

Easy Breezy

My brain squirrels are more than a little off track. To be fair to them, they aren’t exactly trained trick squirrels. More like skittish things that keep burying nuts all over and then can’t find them again and where was I going through this forest, anyway?  My focus is shot. I mean, I’m routinely doing… Read More Easy Breezy

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On Wednesdays

and special book release days, I have a newsletter at Substack. So, if you don’t want the daily blogs (because yes, even if it’s light and frothy, I plan to blog daily from here out) then go ahead and subscribe there. Or if you’d like to support my writing financially, you can do that there,… Read More On Wednesdays