Peep Roast

Over the weekend we hosted a campout at our house – four little boys running around, tents in the yard, and a campfire (safely confined to the metal fire bowl on the patio).

I’d promised my girls we could roast peeps, which they wanted to do mostly for the amusement factor of watching them burn. The pleasant surprise was that roasted peep is surprisingly good – the sugary outside caramelizes into a crunchy candy shell, and the inside is all gooey marshmallow.

Then, when I shared photos on Facebook, friends linked me to this site… I haven’t got time for a long blog post this morning, but I suspect you will find more than enough to amuse you here!


One response to “Peep Roast”

  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    We will have to grab some extra Peeps and send them to the Arctic Research Station in the kitchen until summer arrives.

    Perhaps little fire resistant suits made from Mylar as part of the tests?

    I did spend some time at the Peep Research website. Very well done.