poetry, You crawl over there......


Yesterday was not an easy day, and today is going to be a test of endurance and memory, as I have Micro lab at 8 am, a micro exam at 10 am, a Spanish exam at 11:30 am , and an Organic Chemistry exam at 4:00 pm. I’m not really here, and didn’t have time for the blog, so I turned to look at past blog posts for inspiration. I first shared the poem below way back in 2006.

We know that when the clouds look darkest
And spread their shade around
If we could look beyond the portals,
The sunshine would be found.
And when the storm beats o’er us fiercely,
Crushing our flowers to earth
That when the tempest’s reign is over
They will have fairer birth.

So, when life’s cares almost o’erwhelm us,
And we sink down dismayed,
When hope’s fair promises all fail us,
And – even trust betrayed –
Fairer for having been o’ershadowed,
Our blessings will shine forth
After the storm is over. Its coming
Has proved true friendship’s worth.
– John Godfrey Saxe

Cedar Sanderson in Ohio
Looking for Rainbow’s End