Pippa’s Birthday!

I can hardly believe our little girl is 7 already. We spent this morning before Phil had to leave for his show getting the food ready for tonight’s party. Unlike Glady, who asked for steak for her tenth birthday dinner, Pippy requested Lunchables! Oy, our little goofball strikes again. And then she wanted pizza, so we decided to surprise her with both… we made our own lunchables up, and created a pair of pizza pies like no other. Phil had the idea to cut the ham and salami into shapes – ham bears and salami hearts! The pizzas are sugar cookie crusts with virulent pink frosting and gummy fruit toppings, and a scattering of “Cheese” made from white chocolate. Right up our creative little girl’s alley.

We have a couple of gifts, but she will get to pick out her own ukelele later. Glady loved her visit to the Vintage Fret Shop so much we decided to repeat it with Pippa. So we will have three little strummers. Now we have to teach them more than “Row, row, row your boat”!