Piracy and Prints

Over at the Mad Genius Club I talk about piracy today, after having learned I’d inadvertently bought two pirated books.

Here on my blog? Well, I’ve had a wild hair, and I have been pondering it. I take all these pictures, you see, and as a businesswoman, it has occurred to me that I might sell them. Or prints of them, anyway. My encounter with a stock photo site left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It was tedious, time-consuming, and arbitrary in the approval process. So I’m contemplating setting up a separate blog/site for the photos so I don’t inflict them on you all, since I know my readers are mostly here for the words.

Or are you?

Right now, you can buy prints of my work through DeviantArt, and after having raised my eyebrows at my hosting company who wants $30 a month for a webstore, I don’t think I’ll be trying to do it that way. I’ve contemplated something like Patreon, where subscribers got files suitable for wallpaper or non-commercial use, and subscribers at a higher level got commercial usage licenses. For that matter, I could simply set up a photo blog, a paypal ‘tip’ jar, and see how honest people really are.

One thing for sure, it’s not happening quickly. I have too much else to keep up with, and being sick for a couple of days didn’t help. In the meantime, I’ll do this. The images are linked to my DeviantArt account, and if you look on the righthand sidebar, you will see where you can buy prints or the content, depending. You will note they give you some lovely options on the prints, from archival quality, to canvas, to the least expensive photo-paper option (very reasonable even at larger sizes).

If you go through the gallery (tip, on the lefthand sidebar are specific folders, if you are interested in say, insects, or food) and find an image you’d like that isn’t set as a print, let me know and I will correct it. Also, many are available free to download. I know I get asked about using images as desktop wallpapers often, and you are welcome to do so. Let  me know, it makes me happy to hear it!

Also, I have literally thousands of photos. Most are not good, some are, and a few are great. If you want something specific, let me know. I can probably find it, or make it happen.



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