Planned irregularity

This blog will continue to be irregular for the rest of June. I know, I know, when has it ever been regular? It’s just that there is traveling, and work commitments not only at the ‘regular’ job, but the art & design end of my spectrum, too. Frankly my dear, I’m swamped.

I was sitting on the porch this morning telling the First Reader that, and that I feel really guilty about not updating the blog more often, and he suggested that I have to not only make this post, but take a deep breath and let it go. Not that I’m quitting the blog – he meant I have to stop feeling so guilty, it gets in the way of productivity. I’m over-committed, but when have I not been? I will get it all done, I just may have to shed some of the more minor tasks in order to achieve my goals.

One thing I will update is that the Homeschooling went… better than I thought. Despite my not being home much during the day, and her not wanting to read as much as I thought she needed to, she took her assessment test and placed at college-level for her grade assessment – 13.6, for the curious. Except in spelling, where she takes after her grandfather. There’s a reason I’ve joked I’m a human spellchecker – he used to call across the house: Cedar, how do you spell… and I’d holler back the answer.

Everyone at Chez Begley is happy and healthy, just busy. So this isn’t a bad thing. We’re traveling some to see family, leaving the First Reader and the Dog-beast at home this coming week. I’ve stocked the freezer with leftovers and stuff to tempt him to eat when I’m not here. That’s part of where my time has gone in the evenings. I really need to catch up on housecleaning, but that will have to wait until after the trip….

Currently I’m not planning to take my laptop with me. We’re flying (with three children, dear sweet fluffy lord…) and I’m trying to keep the lug in luggage to a minimum. This means there won’t be photos until I get back, as I don’t think I can import to my tablet from the camera, even if I do have Lightroom installed. Although I’m toying with picking up a micro-SD card, and taking one of the SD adapters, and seeing if A. the camera will write to that and B. if Lightroom will read from it when I insert it into the tablet. I shoot to RAW, which means I can’t just download jpgs to anything.

And work is progressing. Albeit slowly, as I must be fully trained on all the things before I’m even trained on bench work. Which is good – training lessens mistake-making later – but sometimes rather boring. I think I’m past the death-by-powerpoint stage, at the very least. I do have moments of wondering if I’m good enough to do this, and maybe I should just quit and write full-time…

Which would have the side-effect of having a more regular blog, but it would also mean I’d failed at my childhood dream, so I won’t do that.

And because I can, bugs!

Skipper – it’s surprisingly hard to pinpoint identification on these common little butterflies, and I don’t have the time, sorry.
Long-Legged Fly (Condylostylus spp)
Jumping spider – his big eyes make him cute!
Tiny wasp on Wild Carrot
Bumblebee on Solomon’s Seal
Firefly! We have so many of them, but thus far I’ve failed to capture that beautiful sight.
An Ichneumon grooming.
Damselfly, looking like it’s made out of finely polished metals.


4 responses to “Planned irregularity”

  1. Where’d the like button go? I like that button.

    By the by, my sister Gwen (Greta screen name) loved the jumper picture. Fortunately for you, lol, she lives in Alberta and I get the blame. After 54 years as my sister, she knows where the spiders come from…. ๐Ÿ•ท

    Now, if she asks you for earwig pictures, please tell her you don’t have those where you live or that you don’t believe in them or that you have standards, or that pictures of them are blocked by your camera’s firmware, or something… ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. *makes note to find some earwigs….*

      And I’m glad she liked it!

  2. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    Cute spider. Hmm. When I have a surprise spider encounter I tend to demonstrate that humans can self teleport, or at least move faster than the eye can follow. Do not believe the report that says my teleporting is accompanied by a “Shriek like a little girl.” The shrieking noise I make is actually so high pitched that only dogs and sensitive laboratory equipment can hear it.

    Work. A little self questioning is what separates us from the sociopaths.

    You post, I will read.

    1. I don’t mind spiders outside. I object to them indoors and in my face.

      I’ll keep the work highest priority, and blog when I have something on my mind that I can talk about. It’s hampering me a bit because I can’t really talk about work except in generalities. Still getting used to that!