Playing Games

Phil and Glady and I stayed up late last night playing a game. The idea was to play earlier, but Juliet and Pippa lost their chance, so we played after they had gone to bed, and Johann. But it was fun to play with Glady, who ‘got’ the concept of Spy Alley very quickly and kept up with us nicely. The game itself is a cross between Clue and Monopoly, only a lot quicker and more fun. We had to try and guess each other’s secret identities, while buying disguises and codebooks and what-not to win the game. Glady had a fit of the giggles about half way through, and was all but falling off her chair laughing. That was contagious, too! All in all it, was loads of fun, and reminded Phil ad I why we like to play games, especially as the kids are getting old enough to join in and enjoy.