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So this is a not-quite-complete rundown of what’s in my podcast app on the playlists I use regularly. I don’t listen to all of it all the time – I do what I’m in the mood for, and that changes often. I can’t recommend all of these, but I’ve left off the ones where I hit skip more often than not… and really I need to just delete those. However, rather than taking the time I don’t have to cover full reviews, this is it, in all it’s weird glory. 

Podcast Playlist Topic Notes
History Unplugged    
Savage Mythology Podcast Comedy and Myths  
True Crime Historian Old timey crimes Narrator has a dry but dramatic delivery
Esoteric Oddities Weird stuff  
Stuff to Blow Your Mind A show about all the things that might not be quite true  
Espionage History of spying  
Ben Franklin’s World  
Can be a bit progressive and biased. Sadly, still worth picking through the episodes.
Hardcore History The king of history podcasts Long, but so worth it.
Hardcore History Addendum Odd cuts from the long form Shorter, odder, I love this one.
Spycast History of spying and interviews  
Stuff You Should Know Random facts and incidents  
99% Invisible The design you never think about
Fascinating connections and underpinning of the world around us
Stuff You Missed in History Class Unknown, or at least obscure, history  
Science, Heck Yeah!    
TWIV This Week in Virology
a deep dive into viruses, pathogens, and as you might imagine, a treasure trove for all things Covid.
TWiM This Week in Microbiology Same, but for microbes.
Freakonomics Radio Economics, through the lens of the real world.  
Double Loop Podcast Fingerprint analysis
Ok, this one might just be me, but I enjoy the narrators and the topic is seriously niche
TWiP This week in Parasitism Don’t listen if you get grossed out.
Puscast An infectious disease podcast
This came to an end this last year, but the archives are great.
Chemistry in it’s Element All about a specific molecule or compound  
Undiscovered History of science  
Cynical Theories Philosophy, the modern world, and what it’s coming to
I enjoy this, and it goes deep, very deep.
Lexicon Valley Linguistics, etymology, and the human tongue
Simply the best for language, but also music, and a gleeful narrator makes it so fun
Quillette Current Events
I’m not big in politics, but you can’t avoid them, and this is at least thoughtful and not screamy.
The Other Half Women in history  
The Glenn Show Glenn Loury on economics, race, and everything I enjoy his enthusiasm and rants.
Real Coffee with Scott Adams Current Events A soft voiced commentator.
Conversations with Coleman An emerging philosopher
A young man, but the interviews are fascinating and his insights worth listening to.
The American Story History and current events Short, but punchy
The Way I Heard It Mike Rowe’s homage to Paul Harvey
You don’t have to listen to the long form rambles, the short story at the beginning is awesome.
The Saad Truth Gad Saad, evolutionary biologist and satirist
Funny, science, sarcasm you have to wade through
Cautionary Tales Lessons drawn from history  
Jordan B Peterson Philosophy, interviews, and more
Simply brilliant to listen to. I don’t always agree but he gets me thinking
The Rubin Report Current Events and politics
I can skip this on days I’m not feeling like I want real life, but his cheerfulness is enjoyable.
True Crime    
Graveyard Tales spooky stories, not necessarily crimes Love the heavy Texas accents
Small Town Dicks May be partly fictional  
Best Case Worst Case Hosts are mostly law enforcement  
Cults Weird and wild religion Not criminals, all the time.
All Crime, No Cattle Whimsical take on crimes
I enjoy their ending bit with the good news section
FBI Retired Case File Review Interviews with former FBI on their cases  
Our True Crime Podcast Two ladies discussing murder  
Criminal Broads Women and Crime
Not always profiling a criminal, but often a law-adjacent female
True Crime Guys murder and silliness
Covers more well-known crimes, fast forward through the singing.
Female Criminals another one focused on the ‘weaker sex’  
Crimelines   More dry and timeline based
Southern Fried True Crime focused on crime in the US South
narrator gets quite dramatic and invested
They Walk Among Us Uk based crimes  
The Murder Squad another with LEO professionals  
Sword and Scale In-depth case and aftermath
This one uses a lot of existing audio, and dramatic re-creations
Morbid crimes and humor
The narrators’ banter strongly reminds me of my daughters’ conversations
Evidence Locker Global crimes  
Australian True Crime   Ok, I listen for the accents
Criminology   a more professional discussion
Trace Evidence crimes and the evidence  
True Crime Island Crimes down under Narrator is funny and passionate
True Crime Finland Crime in Finland Narrator’s voice is disturbingly childlike

And I’m always looking for recommendations! 

5 thoughts on “Podcast Playlists

  1. Mine are mostly home improvement– they’ve got feed update problems right now, but PARR Lumber’s Weekend Warrior podcast is good, as is On The House with the Carey Brothers.

    History/theology I have Open Line Wednesday subscribed to, because that priest is a *hoot* and just such a geek about history and culture.

    I think you’d enjoy Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World, too; they go over all kinds of nifty things, tell the story, tell a couple of variables on what folks say, and then do their best to work it out from their via “Faith and Reason.”

  2. My most recent add is Phil Vischer’s “Holy Post,” which blows my mind with the intellectual approach to Christian life and theology. I wish I’d found it YEARS ago. Phil Vischer, BTW, is the creative mind behind “Veggie Tales.”
    I’ve also loved “You’re Wrong About,” which debunks popular myths about famous events/people, with what REALLY happened; the DC Sniper series was particularly mind-blowing.
    I put myself to sleep most nights with “Case Closed,” “The Great Detectives,” and “Down These Mean Streets,” which are all rebroadcasts of radio programs from (mostly) 1904s-1950s. I rarely get to hear the end of the episodes, because I fall asleep!
    Similar to “Cautionary Tales” is “Against the Rules.” The same parent company (Pushkin) is behind them both.
    If it ever cranks up again, “Revisionist History” with Malcolm Gladwell is worth the listen.

    1. I had Revisionist History on the list, I’m not sure how I lost track of it!

      The radio shows are great, but take more attention than I can give, usually. Same reason I don’t do audiobooks. Too much immersion and I have to stay in touch with work!

  3. “Pioneering today with Melissa k Norris” though maybe this will be torture for you when you’re house-less. Gardening, animal husbandry galore.

    “Bear Grease” hunting historical podcast of sorts. Newly launched and I love it already. Episode 4 was interesting glimpse at early 19th century ozarks which is where I live now.

    “Cal’s Week in Review” short amusing look at conservation news of the week and science discoveries of that nature.

  4. I’m gonna second the Hardcore History series by Dan Carlin. Dunno if it’s technically a podcast. but every Sunday night, Canadian lawyer Dave “Viva Frei” and US lawyer Robert Barnes do a show on YouTube covering the legal aspects of current events, such as the COVID lockdowns and the (un)constitutionality of the same. Makes the dull as dishwater legal boilerplate interesting.

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