Postcards and Books

There’s another open call for the Postcard stories, as two of the Moms of the Apocalypse are at FantaSci this weekend. Remember: only 50 words, no more and no less. And include your name! 

You can reach out to me at cedarlila at gmail dot com for your prompt image! 

And in the department of new books I think you’d enjoy, there’s Jim Curtis’ latest novella: Nothing But Time which you will enjoy if you like his stuff, or military science fiction. It’s a great tale of retired men protecting their own. Heroics aren’t always for the young, and strong. 

The Lawdog Files have been re-released, with edits and changes. This is a fantastically fun book with a lot of philosophy underlying the humor.

For my readers who write, Martin Shoemaker has a book out that may be helpful if you are a pantser like I am. Making Story Models will show you how to retcon a plot into existence if you didn’t have one coming into the story. 

If you somehow missed it, the second Space Cowboys anthology is out, Electric Rodeo



2 responses to “Postcards and Books”

  1. McChuck Avatar

    O/T – Jill Bearup (Youtube – you might like her) is looking for a physical publisher for her “Fantasy Heroine” book. Know anybody you might recommend? Are all yours Amazon produced? I can’t remember the name of the North Texas Troublemakers’ publishing house.

    1. I have my own publishing imprint, and use Amazon for the bulk of it. It’s relatively easy to do.

      Raconteur Press is the name you’re looking for, and they won’t be ready to publish other people until well into 2024 if the plans hold…