I’m posting from my phone, and it’ll be short. The House of the Writer has been without power for 26 hours and counting at the time I write. We had a nasty storm rip through our area. All are well, healthy, and whole. So this is a nuisance but endurable.

I could wish we’d been better prepared, but it’s a learning experience. We have an active spring on the hillside for non-potable water, drinking can be bought. The chest freezer gets bags of ice. A large cooler can be acquired for fridge perishables. Raw meat will be cooked up on the grill and eaten up. The house is shaded by trees so they won’t cook (and we don’t have AC anyway).

Sigh. This too will pass.


I’ll be back when the power comes on.


4 responses to “Powerless”

  1. Good luck, Cedar — all I had to deal with today was a defunct hot-water heater. Good that you have a shaded and comfortable house – here in Texas, my place would be brutally hot after a single summer day without AC. Yes – and I know that from sad experience.

    1. Yikes. Yes, I’m just as glad we aren’t in TX dealing with this.

  2. Tell the kids you are camping 😂

  3. Cedar Sanderson Avatar
    Cedar Sanderson

    We’re still without power. The energy company is showing a decrease from the highest of 25K people without power, to 2400. So perhaps by the time I get home from work…