Print Happy

So this is a very late post. However, I have a good excuse. See, this morning I decided that since I have the new printer, ink, more ink, good paper (I mean really good paper. Beautiful, velvety, archival-quality paper. I’m trying not to drool on it, it’s so delicious), and everything all plugged in, installed, and hot to trot…

The desk. I have no idea where the scanner is going to go!

I should make prints. I have an order to get out (sorry it is so late!) and have been wanting to do this for a couple of days now. However, when I got started, I realized that while I have the originals I would be making prints from (and just a couple, right now, not ALL the art, of which I have a considerable stack at this point) I did not have print-ready digital files. So…

The scanner is dead. Long live the new scanner… only it’s not here yet. Right. They say photography is better for capturing art, anyway. The light outside sucks, so let’s set up the photography stuff in the pantry (best spot for it, really). Argh. Warped watercolor paper is not working with this, shadows, artifacts, crap! Oh, darn it.

After some considerable time, photoshop, and test prints (not on the yummy paper) I had them where I wanted them. And I had gone out looking for a desk for the First Reader. Didn’t find one today that would work for him, but it’s just a matter of patience. I finally created prints, and they look really darn good. Now, I need to run to the post office and mail them out!

Life is like this, some days. Projects balloon ridiculously, and the only consolation is that now I know what I’m doing for the next batch. And there will be a next batch.

The firebird, on a firepit.

I can now create prints on demand from my desk, in formats up to 13″x19″ (I’ll have to order paper for that size, so it will be an extra 3 business days). I have on hand paper to do up to an 11×14 print.



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  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    13″x19″ scanning and printing? A little flutter of envy has passed through my mind. We shifted from ink jet to black laser quite a while ago because we did not use the color ink jet enough to keep the cartridges from clogging, and we rarely needed to print anything in color.
    But we bought a craft cutter about three years ago, (we means me) and found the machine would do a print and cut feature and we wanted color printing. We opted for an entry level color laser, but the largest print size is legal paper. The colors are great, the warmup is but a few seconds and we are still using the partial toner cartridges that came with the printer.
    If I had a firebird, I would have to name it Pontiac.

    1. Ok, first, a groan at the joke 😀

      No, this is just a printer. That’s all it does, but so far, it does it very well. I’d been looking at the different ways to make prints of my work availble for more than a year now, and had initially researched and dismissed having an in-house printer because of the drying issue. I know I won’t sell enough to be printing regularly. However, the printer I got uses an ink that is pretty inexpensive, enough so I won’t wince at tossing half-used cartridges.