Purple Ube Roll

This is a different take on fictional cooking, and it’s not me doing the baking – I just provided photography and moral support! The Ginja Ninja really wanted to make this cake, which comes from a TV show called Steven Universe, and the episode “The Good Lars.” First, we had to find the ube. She thinks the origin of this cake is Filipino, and the purple yam also known as Ube is not a common ingredient found in Ohio supermarkets. Off to Jungle Jim’s! Even there, we had to ask for direction, and a produce guy sent us to the Hawaiian Purple Yam as a near substitute (maybe the same thing?) as Ube. 

Armed with a pair of off-white tubers, we headed for home to begin the cooking process. Juliet had found a recipe on Snapchat, but I was able to track it down so we could share a link with you all (warning, page contains an autoplay video). 


Hidden purple!

The first steps were to peel the ube and cut it into chunks, then microwave it with a bit of water. 

Cooked ube is amazingly purple. She was very impressed with the color, especially at the cheesecake stage.
So pretty! Ube cheesecake filling.
The moment of truth: flipping the cake and finding out if if would hold together or not.
Careful measuring. Me, I’m likely to throw in a sprinkle of this and a glug of that, but she’s still learning and being careful.
The cake was rolled up in the tea towel while warm, allowed to cool, and now it’s being filled with the ube cheesecake.
Rolling – this is where an inadequate sponge would crack and break, but she did good and it came out perfectly.
Finishing touches – piping on some of the filling. She’s not used to using a piping bag!

The Ginja Ninja is not a fan of frosting – too sweet – and like the First Reader she prefers her cupcakes naked. This cake, she says, was fun to make, and not too sweet to eat. 

The parent’s take on the ube roll cake was that it’s sweet – not so sweet as a frosted cake, but there’s not a lot of stand-out flavor going on here. The ube, like most tubers, is pretty low-key as far as flavor goes. The color is amazing, but I’d want to do something to add a kick of flavor here. Maybe citrus in the roll cake. I’ll have to think on it. 

14 thoughts on “Purple Ube Roll

  1. The cake does look awesome, and it would be tough to satisfy both the sweet taste lovers, and the slightly less sweet taste lovers.
    Maybe leave the recipe as it is, and add the option for a fruit syrup or warmed jam topping?

  2. I’d eat it. Granted, that’s a pretty low bar, as I’d eat anything organic. Organic in the chemistry organic/inorganic sense, not the hippy-dippy free-range chicken lose half the crop to bugs sense. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, I’m Irish, so all things tuburcular are sent from (insert deity of your choice)

          1. Jalapeno jelly, candy, peanut brittle, jalapeno beer! As I said, there are few things not improved upon. Dr. Scofield would agree. Was one of the worst things about living in Colombia. They can grow ANYTHING there. In season twelve months a year. But I never saw a jalapeno there in two years. Colombianos don’t know a jalapeno from a hole in the ground. Food is baked potato bland.

  3. If you want flavor and something like the color (paler, pinker), maybe taro root? It’s got a nice vanilla kick to it.

    Or you could add more vanilla to the sponge cake?

  4. 65,000,000 points each, for cooperation in learning a Pastry Event together.
    Extra points to the Ginja Ninja for following through, from whim to WHAM!
    Extra points to Cedar for creating an environment that promotes hands-on-learning.

    1. I’ve tried to teach them to cook and experiment since they were little. It’s paying off now that they are old enough to do a lot on their own. Now, to teach them how to clean up after themselves… LOL!

  5. I have to admit that I tend to be on the “dessert is supposed to be sweet” side of things, but a properly flavored piece is good regardless. Saved that recipe

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