Since this posted prematurely… I found a treasure today. I almost didn’t buy it – I wasn’t looking for a quilt, and right now we don’t need one for comfortable sleeping. But then I stopped, took a closer look at the stitching, and bundled it up in my arms.

It wasn’t until I got it home that I truly realized what I’d got, for $15. Not only is it hand quilted, but the design is lovely, and it’s art. It’s art for my bed. From one corner diagonally the color shades from light to dark blues, and as you can see, it’s not perfect. I think I like it better for some lady’s frustration, though. I can imagine her being upset with herself for having laid it out wrong, so the stars touch in one place. But to me, this makes it more human, less like something you could buy en masse in a shop.

And then I wonder about this. Hours and hours of love, time, needle-pricked fingers, and somehow it came to a humble end in a thrift shop, where I found it and rescued it to be loved again. I don’t know who you are, quilter friend, but your work has found an admirer who will use and love your art.

Hand stitching, and imperfection make this even more precious.


14 responses to “Quilt”

  1. Draven Avatar

    yes, that’s a quilt.

    1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard Avatar
      Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Yep and I don’t see what else it could be. 😉

      1. Bedspread? Which always makes me think of butter, actually.

    2. LOL! I accidentally posted it without words. They are there, now. I don’t suppose, while you are identifying, you could name the pattern?

      1. It’s an Evening Star block with strips of squares around two sides, rotated to give that asymmetrical placement. Not sure how the quilter ended up with two attached stars, since I’d have assembled like that; they were probably working off a pattern.

        1. Thank you! I knew it had a name, just couldn’t think of it. My great grandmother did wonderful quilts, and before I had kids, I was doing some small blocks and projects… but that’s something I don’t plan to pick up again.

    3. A bold statement, seeing as the DNA analysis hasn’t come back yet.

      1. Thp. Although, if our lab had the equipment, I might be able to extract dna… nah. Too many laundering’s and no CoC.

  2. The two stars touching made me think of two lovers (or friends) holding hands….

    That’s a VERY nice quilt for fifteen dollars! When I think of all the hours of work that went into that….

    1. Yeah, when I got it, it was folded up. When I put it on my bed to look at it, I was stunned to realize what I’d gotten. And I love the idea of the stars holding hands.

  3. Fifteen dollars?!? You couldn’t get a flat of cloth for that! Awesome!

    1. Yes! And since I have neither the time, the equipment, nor the inclination, this is perfect.

  4. Reziac Avatar

    Fancy!! And I know the temptation…

    Decorating yon antique rocking chair is a lovely hand-crocheted quilt in shades of yellow and brown, in absolutely pristine condition… which I picked up for two bucks because *anything* in the bedding bin in that thrift store was two bucks (despite that it probably has $100 worth of yarn in it). I needed it like more holes in my head, but at that price? Too pretty to pass up.

    1. I see hand crocheted things from time to time, but I pass them up because ugh, pilled acrylic 🙁