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Rain and Pancakes

For the first time in a month, it’s not going to be over 80 degrees today. That may not seem like much to my friends and family in more southern climes (I’m looking at you, Texas), but it’s been hot and miserably hot here. We have had a lovely summer vacation that is winding to a close, with very little outdoor activity because it’s been too hot to be outside for long without worrying about health repercussions. This morning, however, between 7 and 8 am, it began to rain. Sheets of lovely rain, cool and calm – I could sit right next to an open window, enjoying the scent of rain and not get a drop on me.

Dayton Art Institute
Insert self for scale – the Little Man was very impressed with the size of some of the art at the Dayton Art Institute

This is the last full day of summer vacation here at the wee house in Ohio. Tomorrow we travel, and plan a bit of camping. So I made pancakes in the cool morning with the rain falling around us. As I did so, I contemplated some of the things I miss about being a full-time mother. Making big meals and having them all eaten up with appreciative noises. Sending a sleepy child back to their room for ‘clothes! Yes, you have some on, but underwear is not enough!’ Hearing a soft gurgle of laughter from the other room. Although the reason for that has changed from kids cartoons to anime and Youtube.

Baking can be good clean messy fun!
Baking can be good clean messy fun!

I have to admit the little squabbles we could do without. But they can be used to teach common courtesies, which hopefully will be remembered in years to come while they are learning how to cope with college, work, and relationships. I’m much more an advocate of calmly talking about the underlying problems than yelling and screaming when issues arise. I worry about mothering too much, or too little, or… It’s not easy. I don’t think it will ever get easier. Perhaps the easiest days were the beginnings, when there was only making sure their bellies were full and diapers clean.

Fondant is really awesome edible playdough, that's all!
Fondant is really awesome edible playdough, that’s all!

I can still at least fill their bellies with pancakes, and watch the boy eat his, and eggs, and cereal, and wonder just how soon this growth spurt is going to hit – he’s due one. The girls – especially Otaku Princess, at 16, are likely as tall as they will get. Both of them are taller than I am!

But I’m rambling, and I have a number of things that must be done before travel tomorrow. I will try to make some blog posts, but that may not be possible. The First Reader is staying behind because he has obligations himself, and won’t be able to help much on the blog. So it might be a week of erratic posts. I’ll pre-schedule a few.

3 thoughts on “Rain and Pancakes

  1. Ah pancakes. A spur of the moment banana purchase turned into dinner pancakes with Nutella and sliced bananas. An incredible display of willpower resulted in some hazelnut spread being left in the jar for the next time. (and yes, I did special order an extra long ice tea spoon just for scraping the bottom of the Nutella jar)
    And what is the difference between breakfast pancakes and dinner pancakes? You wear pajamas to eat breakfast, and not pajamas for dinner. Those with a philosophical bent can debate whether donning pajamas at dinnertime would turn that into breakfast. While they are hotly debating the issue, I am going to eat their share of the pancakes!

      1. I thought the Nutella should be mixed into the batter and she thought it would be better with the Nutella smeared across the tops of the hot pancakes and the banana slices then artistically put on top of the Nutella.
        We tried her way, and she was totally right.

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