Ramblings and a Movie Review of Sorts

This is a post full of links for those who want to follow them, and also a post of ‘I’m alive!’ for those who were wondering. This last week was more than manageably busy. On the upside, my daughters have enjoyed their first (note: the Jr Mad Scientist informed me that for her, LibertyCon wasn’t a real con, since it wasn’t her kind of con) convention, complete with cosplay. On the other hand, I have the nagging feeling I’ve got undone homework.

For those of you who still watch TV, and have the time for it (heh) I commend to you two different blogs on MacGyver. You see, this is one of the few TV shows I can remember watching as a girl. My Dad really liked this show. We’d go over to my grandfather’s house, where there was electricity, and if this was on the whole family watched it. I knew, even then, that there were issues with the message fiction in it, but the delight in the rube goldberg engineering out of tight spots offset it. Sadly, it sounds like that is no where in evidence with the new show. Nicki Kenyon says, “Yes, please! Let’s assume the audience is stupid and we’ll be explaining even the basic scientific concepts in painfully boring detail.” and if that’s not bad enough, Amanda Green weighs in with a longer summary of the show. You really should read all of it, since for me it alternated between helpless headshaking and giggles.

He finally manages to get into the “really secure room” and finds the object he was after — only to pull an Indiana Jones and lift it from its container only to discover doing so turns on an alarm (I was praying for a boulder to roll into the room and smash him by this point). In rushes the first armed guard — and Mac manages to avoid being shot by lifting a silver serving tray and holding it in front of him to stop the bullets. Read the rest…

I am disappointed, but hardly surprised. If that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday after taking the girls to the con on Saturday, I took my son to the movies. We had been planning on seeing Kubo and the Two Strings, which I’d gotten rave reviews on from friends. But at the front desk they shook their heads sadly and told me it had been last shown on Thursday. So my son and I looked at what else was playing, and he chose Storks, which I had never heard of before.

So, Storks…

Imagine if someone with Amazon Derangement Syndrome decided to make a children’s movie.

The plot was Evil Amazon taking over stork Mountain, and shutting down baby delivery because it was hard, using the one baby orphaned by a broken ‘beacon’ as the excuse. So they start delivering packages, instead and become ‘the CornerStore.com’ with a massive warehouse where packages are scooped up by storks to be flown to their new homes.

It’s all birds, except this one human baby they couldn’t deliver and keep in secret until 18 years later the orphan, and a hapless stork, wind up setting it all right when they accidently generate a baby (from a letter, which gets sucked into a magical machine and divides like a fertilized cell).

The orphan, who thinks she is an employee, and the stork, who was supposed to fire her, set out on a quest to deliver it, and the evil boss Bezo… er, Hunter, tries to stop them, after other quest-obstacles.

Finally they wind up back at Stork Mountain, where the Hapless stork (known only as Jr) turns the baby-making machine on and suddenly thousands of babies pour out and they have to be delivered.

Oh, and the initial baby makes it to her home, and the orphan makes it to her home (where a large family who all look JUST like her instantly mob her in a group hug).

It was really just like someone had a case of ADS and threw ALL the tropes at it. Seriously, the movie hung a lantern on some of them and came close to breaking the fourth wall. It would be great to watch with a bunch of adults, adult beverages, and lots of finger-pointing and laughing.