Reader Input Requested

I looked back at the blog for the last couple of weeks, and realized that I have been meandering all over the map. It is reflective, perhaps, of my state of mind as I’ve been dealing with life outside of work, and coping with emergencies. However, I’m sure it’s not what you all want to read.

So my question is: what would you like to read? Ideas and input are always welcome, but now in particular I need a little nudge in the right direction. There are topics I’ll continue to address as they crop up, but sometimes what gets me het up in the morning when I take time to look at social media is… probably not what you want to read. This morning I was having a conversation with a friend about the nature of God and demons, which led to my fervent recommendation of the Screwtape Letters. I try not to get into faith on the blog, although it does inevitably leak through, being a major part of my own personal foundation. And then I saw a cogent and reasoned explanation of why someone voted against gay marriage, and in the comments a vapid and reflexive response. I bit my tongue and moved on. There is always someone wrong in the internet, that doesn’t mean I need to step in. I did, the other day, break my rule about scolding online, but it was because a suggestion that would certainly have caused harm had been made, and I knew enough about the subject to correct it. I’m not an expert on everything, but there are things I know.

fresh figs, grilled and brushed lightly with honey.

Food blogging was on hold, but should start up again soon. I just was too busy on the weekends to cook and photograph a meal formally, although I do sometimes do an informal share of stuff in the food group on facebook. It’s simpler sometimes to just do that. And some recipes are so darn simple it seems like cheating to make them into a whole blog – like grilled figs. Even if they did look beautiful.

I’m just too stubborn to give up on the blog. Or writing, for that matter. I’m also too… something, to put out short rambles focused on myself and call it a blog. I’m sorry I’ve done so much of that recently, as a matter of fact. For those of you who are bloggers and want to compare notes: whining too often equals lost readers. Not why I need to stop, although it’s an additional incentive. Although on the other hand, writing long, researched essays does not directly equal a gain in readers. Which can be really discouraging when you feel like you’re shouting into a well and all that’s coming back is the echo of your own voice. I know if I took on controversial topics – politics, for example – I’d get more readers. I’d rather not. It’s not a topic I care for, and I’m unwilling to be bored just to be popular. History, on the other hand… LOL

So what would you like?



6 responses to “Reader Input Requested”

  1. The “randomness” gives us insight into your mind. Keep it up.

  2. I agree… I like the rambling nature. Even if you did go on a singularly-focused streak, I think it’s refreshing to mix it up by adding in recipes, editorials, current events, insights to your writing, etc.

  3. I like the random ramblings, too. Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s just whatever is going on, sometimes it’s life. But it’s always interesting (to me, at least!).

  4. RACHEL ROY Avatar

    If life gives you the chance again, I quite enjoyed the tea/game posts.

    And like everyone else, I really have been enjoying the random ramblings. I like the insight into your family/work/creative amblings, and I actually like knowing that writing is not all-consuming for you. Balance is good.

  5. Appreciate the eclectic nature of your blog. And find it a respite from the everything is political dreary ness. I am always fascinated when you explain something your scientific mind has lead you to. And thank you for the blog, but can’t wait for another book! ;).

    1. If I can manage it, there will be a book at the end of the year. There’s an antho coming out next month I have a story in, and if I say so myself, it’s a good story.