Ready to go Home

Yesterday I didn’t procrastinate my morning away. This morning, I’m thanking my past self for her consideration. The kitchen is clean, the living area is tidy, and last night I collapsed into a made bed. I do need to run a load of laundry, but it’s not pressing. I’m free to relax. Which is what I try to coordinate for Sundays. I recommend this approach. You may have to prod yourself into action from the present-side, but on the past side it feels pretty good to have no urgency while you put your feet up. 

Yesterday was a long, exhilarating day. I wound up making the First Reader drive us home, while I slept. I don’t usually do this, but it is so nice to be able to hand off driving duties. We got everything done we wanted to do… which included writing the first of several large checks towards acquiring a house, walking through said house, and putting some stuff into the storage container which officially kicks off the pack-up-apartment phase of my life. One year, almost to the day, from the move down here, and we will have finally started to put down roots. 

We still have a couple of hurdles to get over, of course. The inspection is tomorrow. Between ourselves and friends, we’ve poked and pried and determined that yes, there are some issues which will need to be remedied with the house. It’s 70 years old, has only had one owner, and that owner was in declining health for some time, from the looks of it. However, nothing big jumped out at us. That included one friend climbing up and walking the roof! The water heater and HVAC are newer, the roof is only 5 years old and was a complete tear-off when it was done. The house is not on a slab, so while there has been some settling (it’s a very common thing in Texas, foundation issues) it’s not bad as these things go and leveling, if necessary, will be simpler than fixing a slab. The hot tub doesn’t work (which was disclosed and expected!) but it’s been plumbed and wired for one, so another is very feasible. 

What does need to be done? We determined yesterday that there is beautiful oak flooring under the carpeting. I was ecstatic. Instead of having to rip up carpets and install laminate floors, we will be ripping up carpets and refinishing the hardwood. After we’ve popped the cheap 80s paneling off the perfectly good drywall behind it, and painted the walls. There are no popcorn ceilings. The house is plumbed for gas, so a gas range is very feasible. The ‘bathroom’ which was put into the master bedroom closet (literal closet, and no, not a walk-in!) measures 4’8″ by 2’7″ and we are seriously considering taking it out. If not out, a different door on that closet than the current sliding panels closet door, at the very least. We could easily sacrifice it and have it be closet again. The siding will need to be redone, and frankly I’m happy about that – I am not a fan of vinyl siding. I’d like to do cedar shakes, but will have to research if they will stand up to Texas winds, and be safe in a dry area. I love how they look and weather into a subtle silvery gray, though. 

The people who owned this home put in some very thoughtful touches. Every closet – and there are a lot of them! – has a light, with a pressure switch. Open the door, and all is illuminated. A built-in pantry in the big farmhouse kitchen is lit, and has an outlet in it. There’s another big storage cupboard/pantry in the capacious utility room that stretches up to the 10′ ceiling and I will have to keep a real ladder handy to get up into that for things I don’t use often! The flow of rooms is good, from the living to formal dining, into the kitchen and then the den, which will be our office. The bedrooms are separated by the main bath. 

Perhaps best of all, there are two workshops. One is next to the garage (which also boasts a full bath) and the other is out in the big shed. We did learn why that building is so large – they parked a pontoon boat under the cover there. With two, there is room for the men in my life to give one another space! The Little Man has plans for his woodshop in the shed, and the First Reader claimed the garage as his domain. It will be good for them to have spaces to be active, and for me working from home to have places to exile them away from my desk. 

I’m so excited about this. It’s going to be a very busy spring – this is all going to unfold until Mid-June before we settle down – but so worth the efforts. Just like this weekend, I’m hoping my year-from-now self will look back at this post and be happy for all the effort that made the present so calm and peaceful. The way my brain works, it’s not always easy to keep long-term objectives and goals in mind. Which is part of the reason I’ve kept this blog going for so long. It reminds me. I can look back and see my progress, and my setbacks are put into perspective by the achievements. 




6 responses to “Ready to go Home”

  1. dakorillon Avatar

    Congratulations and all the best of luck!

  2. Happy you’re finally getting settled!

  3. Dang, I had to wait until I was over 40 to get my own workshop at home. That’s one lucky kid!

    1. He’s beyond excited about it. I’m just happy this house is coming together for us. It’s not perfect, but it has so many good features.

  4. A siding such as Hardie plank (or other cement blend) will stand up to Texas weather and not burn, which also will lower your home insurance costs. Several such brands make them in cedar plank style. These are pretty much maintenance free once installed, too.

    Meanwhile, your gas range will be waiting for you…

    1. And many, many thanks for that! It may be a while before I can get it, with all the transitions taking place.