Real life, real people

I had not intended to leave the blog vacant this weekend. But there are times in my life I have to choose between the real people in my real life, and the online people who are no less real but much less in my face. I’m not apologizing, don’t get me wrong. I’m blessed beyond measure with the people in my life, and I do include you, dear readers. I’ve been honored to meet some of you in person, too.

So this weekend was about visiting family in Kentucky, looking at a possible house for my Mom, who is moving nearer us soon, and then spending time with the Ginja Ninja. The Little Man set that up! He’d wanted a haircut, so I was going to take both kids out to do necessary stuff, when at the last minute he popped in and asked to stay home so I could have time with his sister. There are times I have hopes for that boy.

As an aside, I sat down with him and had a conversation about his nom de blog. It had been suggested that as he’s 12 now, Little Man might no longer suitable – especially as he’s nearly as tall as I am! But he told me that he wants to be my Little Man as long as he can. He knows I’ve called him that since he was born, and it’s his special name. So until he’s ready, that’s his name… 

The Ginja Ninja has been gearing up for college, writing essays, applying for scholarships, and looking at college choices. My red-headed bird is nearly ready to fly the nest. We went out for sushi, at a very nice Japanese place she fell in love with. The elevated booths with curtains enchanted her, with the potential to close out the world and her introverted self could hide. After lunch we headed to the arboretum and the butterfly house.

It’s been a long, full weekend. I’m learning that my brain is still all ‘i can do that! Bounce, bounce, ooh shiny…’ the body that carries it around isn’t keeping up as well as I’d like. So some things just don’t get done. And the rest periods, like the one I’m taking while writing this, are longer. It’s not a big slow-down, just today I’m noticing it.


Assassin Bug. Tiny Lil guy. I love teaching my kids how to look for the inconspicuous.

So I’ll listen to music and recuperate. Tomorrow I do it all over again. Life hurries on, and some days I run behind like Alice after the Rabbit.