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Restaurant Review: Bayou Market

This is a place near where we’ve been living. And I have wanted to go for some time, but the Little Man has been uninterested at best… he’s all about Asian cuisines. Lousiana? Not too much. 

The First Reader and I made time for a date today, and he’s amenable to where I want to eat, so I took full advantage of my wifely privileges and chose the restaurant.

The Bayou Market of Lewisville, Texas, is a little Mom and Daughter (both of whom were cooking and stocking the tiny grocery nook on the day we went) shop. Mama was telling us she’s from Louisiana, and the food certainly bears her out. A little kitchen you can see right into – it’s not the shiniest steel-and-tile kitchen, but you can see there’s not layers of grease and vermin, either! – so we could see that what they made us was fresh out of the frying. They were out of a few things (no boudin links, for example, or hot sausage) but that was ok. We are already planning our next trip (boudin balls and Natchitoches meat pies). If you’re close enough to make the trip, this is a lunch place, they are open from 11-6, so don’t plan on it for dinner unless you pick up something premade from the freezer and take it home. 

Today we had the full size Po-Boys, on a most excellent bread which the menu tells us was imported over from Lousyanna as the First Reader calls it. Since that’s a few hours away, not a big deal… and worth it! Yummy bread. 

Roast Beef Po’Boy with hush puppies – the First Reader had already sampled one for quality here.

I had a shrimp Po’Boy and they didn’t stint on the shrimp, which was perfectly cooked and tender. I had dirty rice on the side – great flavor, rice was dry and underdone, but it was tasty enough to eat anyway. 

We could have sat inside, they had plenty of room. However! even in December, it’s nice enough to sit out on the sidewalk at the little cafe tables and enjoy the weather. Which is what we did, and it was a delightful meal. We’ll be going back soon. Was it perfect? No, but sometimes it’s not about perfection. It’s about flavor, and warm happy smiles to greet you, and service. This is a place where you’re welcome, you feel it immediately, and you want to go back again. That counts for a lot in my book. 

Besides, they had shrimp boudin links in the freezer and I’m mulling over cooking ideas for those… 

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  1. I like to make the World’s Best Hot Dogs by baking andouille sausage in the oven until it’s on the verge of bursting. I toast the hot dog buns in the still-hot oven. Condiments as preferred. Simple and easy to make, minimal cleanup.

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