Review: Kaiju and Zombies, Oh My!

kaiju dawnI had a dilemma this week. Jason Cordova sent me the novella Murder World: Kaiju Dawn, to read, and John Holmes sent me a link to his free story, Even Zombie Killers Need a Break. I’d already reviewed Dave Freer’s excellent Stardogs, but what the heck? I thought. I can read a novella and a short story…

Hah! First of all, Murder World: Kaiju Dawn is so much better than the earlier Kaiju book I’d read. While I enjoyed that one, it had some rough spots, and I’d decided I wasn’t going to read along with the whole series. This series on the other hand… The setting up at the beginning is much smoother, really gives you a sense of the characters, and hey, there are fully-developed characters! it’s still a light entertainment read, but that hits the spot at the end of a long day. Fun, recommended, and I’ll be reading more of the Murder World series. I am  a sucker for tramp ships and crew…

And then… last night, I started to read Zombie Killers Break. Remember I said free story, and then I said short story? Um, no… this sucker is a full length novel. Cool! Only… not when I need to sleep. So, if you enjoyed John Ringo’s latest zombie series, get this book (it’s free, do I have to twist your arm?) and then get the others. I was delighted to see there are more, this morning. Detailed military fiction, black humor, a hero who is stuck with the only thing to do during the Zombie Apocalypse is just to keep fighting. Because to not fight is to see human civilization flicker and die. Only don’t pick it up at bedtime. Really, you’ll regret that. Read it on a lazy afternoon, or on the weekend, or… I was pretty pleased with PPT Ranger’s book. All the black, snarky humor you’d expect. Heavy Military detail – almost too much for me, although I know guys who will really get into it (you can never have enough toilet paper…) and infected zombies like Ringo’s. Best of all, he does combat right. Fog of war, not clear ‘whole-battlefield’ awareness by the MC.

Murder World: Kaiju Dawn is, I would say, space opera. Although I think the giant monster fic gets it’s own genre, I’m not familiar with it. Even Zombie Killers need a Break is actually hard science fiction, like John Ringo’s books, these are infected zombies, who started from some mad scientist’s basement experiment gone wrong. Everything after that is just extrapolating how to deal with the epidemic. One book, although set in space, is a fantasy. The other could actually happen. That’s the difference, as I was talking to someone recently about SF/F and the line for Hard-SF. What say you?


9 responses to “Review: Kaiju and Zombies, Oh My!”

  1. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Oh, any time! Thanks for bringing the book to my attention, it was a fun read.

  2. If you can rewrite the story with wood replacing everything metal, and magic replacing everything hardware and/or software, it’s not Hard-SF

    1. That’s interesting. I always thought the Hard came from only extrapolating from existing science. That is, no FTL, no aliens…

  3. Okay, if it’s free and you liked it, and the title makes me laugh… fine, I picked it up, and I’ll get to it as I work through the TBR pile!

    (just finished stardogs 🙂

    1. not enough tea to be coherent – already have Kaiju Dawn – Murder World, only a third of the way in. How do you find time to read?

  4. Thanks for the review, Cedar. I’m surprised you mowed through that one that quickly.

    1. Yeah, well, my secret is that I read very very quickly. Most novels, when I ‘read with intent’ take me 2-3 hours to read. And I pushed to get Kaiju Dawn read, as I’m scheduled for the next 4 weeks on reviews and wanted to get it out to promote the book. I was tickled that it was even better than the last one, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more they improve!

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