Cedar Sanderson

Review: Last Flight From Queensland

I wanted to talk to you all, those of you who care to reply, anyway, about what you’d like to see here for reviews? Do you want me to find good stuff, and post happy reviews of things you might enjoy reading: in other words, only the good? Or do you want the randomness that I have been doing, where I review what comes to me, either through someone seeking a review, or me finding an indie author and trying them out. The problem with the random ones is that you have to put up with a bitter pill once in a while (and I had to read all the way through it!). So let me know, and I will tell you that the next title up for review is Laura Montgomery’s The Sky Suspended, which should appear next week at this time. After that is up to you all. And maybe I stop doing reviews and go to Free Fiction Fridays once Pixie Noir is released and there are no more snippets.

MikeWeatherford’s Last Flight from Queensland Station suffers from an unfortunate cover, but once you overlook that handicap, it’s a fun science fiction read. A combination of space opera and mystery, with a strong dollop of romance, I really enjoyed the characters as they struggled to keep the science observers happy while keeping them safe. He ends the story strongly and well, making this a stand-alone novel with the chance of a sequel, but no cliff-hanger, a refreshing change. If you enjoy Weber, Drake, or classic space opera, this is a good choice for a solid read. I keep planning to explore his other titles, but sadly have not enough time to read!