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Review: Monster Hunter Legion

When I am eating I always save the best until last. That is the only way to explain why I waited so long to read Monster Hunter Legion. I bought the book months ago, and got distracted with life…

I picked it up when Larry Correia had actually come to New Hampshire, so of course I had to go down and meet him and get it the book signed. It was a fine fan-girl moment with a gracious author, who I hope will return to New England sometime despite it.

Larry Correia and Cedar Sanderson
I look tiny next to Larry Correia!

But then, as much as I was looking forward to it, I came home and put the book on my to be read pile. Then, two days ago, I finally got to it; after school ,work, kids, family, and all the other distractions in life. As the others in the series have been,  it was a pleasure to read: pure, light entertainment.

My best friend and I have had an ongoing discussion about series, which came up again as i was telling him about this read. His problem with series is that often, the main character becomes so powerful that he is no longer believable. Owen could easily have gone there, but in this book he escapes that fate. The Monster Hunter series starts out stretching your suspension of disbelief in human physics and anatomy as it is, so I can easily accept 0wen as he is, god touched, and highly competent. Own is a lovable buffoon at times in this book, but Larry leavens this with the difficult decisions that Owen must make in relation to his family, his dad, Mosh, Julie, and finally and tragically his team.

With the introduction to the team of a new arch nemesis for Earl Harbinger and MHI, and the introduction of Earl’s girlfriend Heather to the rest of the team, this book is a satisfying continuation of the Monster Hunter series.  The introduction of the global teams was fun to read, and the character of Management made me laugh out loud.

My only complaint is that I figured out what was going on with Julie immediately, and found it peculiar that it could have happened to two people in the modern age with easy access to preventative measures. However, I am looking forward to reading the next one… for that matter,  anything Larry writes. He was very gracious when I met him, and I hope to do that again.

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  1. I can understand life getting in the way, but having a Monster Hunter book that long unread would require greater self control than I have. Glad you liked it though. Have you read the Grimnoir books yet?

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