Review: Postponed

I am supposed to put a review here for you, and I have two, actually, but they aren’t happening until likely tomorrow. Just too much to do. I did finish a short story last night, set in feudal Japan, with a tattoo artist and a woman who isn’t what she seems. I’m pleased with it, and my beta readers seem to like it. Now, I get one of those dilemmas only Indie Publishers will understand. Do I put it out myself, or shop it around until it finds a market? I don’t know. 

In the meantime, I have edits-for-hire to complete, the Other Business to conduct, and a novel to try and wrap up. The Human Wave Garage Sale is still going on, don’t forget to check out those titles. I have two for sale, and others even better are on that list, too! 

I’ve been reading Space Opera, just to give you a hint… two relative unknown authors, and one a favorite of mine with a relatively unknown title.