Reviews on Hiatus

I’m not going to give up reviewing altogether. I’m stubborn, as you may have noticed. But I haven’t even had a few minutes here and there to pull up my Kindle app on the phone, it’s been that bad. So I am reluctantly admitting that I can’t do a weekly review. You’re likely to get more school papers, and takes on a couple books I’m reading for school (specifically Criminal Justice class). And if I find a bit of open time, I’ll read fiction, because that’s what I do when I need to escape all this unrelenting studying and work.

I am writing. It’s at a glacial pace for me, maybe a thousand words a week. But as I was joking to houseguests last night, we have a bathroom badly in need of remodel, so if I can get this book done and published, we can afford to do it. Or hire someone to do it! Only I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this book at this rate. Or if it will be any good, attenuated as it is.

So here I am, surrounded by unread books, and no time to read. Torture, I tell you.

But I have vocabulary worksheets to complete for Spanish class.

Yo leo libros!

desk books
The books currently on my desk: two Terry Pratchett, two Ursula Vernon, a couple of research books, and a graphic novel that belongs to my daughter.