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This isn’t really about my road to publication, but it’s an aggregation of articles that will help a writer figure out which path is best for them. Some writers are insistent on only writing – they hope to leave everything else in someone else’s hands, leaving them free to just put words on a page. Other writers may want to have more control over their destiny, and the idea of independence may appeal to them. I’m a huge advocate of knowing what you are getting into, and I spent years learning my craft and doing research before I finally took the plunge.

Nowadays there is a massive amount of information out there, some good, some dubious, so make sure you aren’t just looking at a single source, like any good researcher. The other thing to keep in mind is that money always flows to the author. Yes, you may decide to hire a cover artist, or an editor (or both!) but don’t be taken in by a company offering to publish your book for thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Depending on how much work you are willing to invest in your project, you can publish for anything from free, to $10 (print edition, Createspace). Don’t be fooled.

And finally, my soapbox. If you do decide to take the path of traditional publishing, whether one of the Big Five houses, or a small press, read your contract carefully. Better yet, have a lawyer with some experience in the industry look at the contract. Don’t get carried away with excitement after your years of waiting and sign without reading. Yes, you are an artist. You are also now a business.

Making Up Your Mind Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s business of publishing blog is highly recommended. Not only is she a veteran of the publishing industry, she shoots from the hip and provides excellent, balanced information.

Making Money Writing, no, you aren’t going to get rich writing, at least not right away. But if you don’t publish, you can’t earn – see that spike over there by zero, of the aspiring writers? Article from Publishing World

Marketing for the Introvert The Internet means no more having to schmooze in person… unless you want to. Article at Mad Genius Club by Cedar Sanderson

The Mad Scribblers Genius Club, a blog by writers and indie publishers, for writers and those who seek a different path. Daily posts range from how-to, to why not? and beyond.

The ultimate in how to self-publish, by the indomitable Dean Wesley Smith. Think like a Publisher!

The Road to Digital Publication: series of articles by Amanda S Green, covering the nuts and bolts of formatting, different markets, and more.

For an interesting take on the industry in general, I follow The Passive Voice. 

hat tip to Joel Salomon:

Sarah Hoyt’s “How to Sell your Writing in 13 Weeks”

All the links in one place! Click here. 

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I do plan to add to this list, so if you have a recommended website or article, give me a shout in the comments, or privately at cedarlila @ (remove spaces to use).

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