New Hampshire

Rush, rush, rush

I’m hoping my post at the Mad Genius Club today is reasonably coherent. I was in a mad rush to finish it, get one daughter to work, and then come home to get the other daughter and take her to work! Rushing, rushing… and today, which originally was mostly planned as a rest plus housework plus grocery shopping day, has had another big element dropped into it. Our little house that we own in the next town over has been vacant for two weeks and we weren’t told about that until last night. Sigh. People are… Yeah. I’m not going to get into it, I did that last night with the First Reader. Fussing won’t fix anything, best thing to do now is get in it, evaluate where it’s at, and sell it. I’ve already reached out to our awesome realtor and he’s onboard with helping here. (if you’re in Southwestern OH and need to buy or sell a house, ping me. He’s the best)

So now it’s rush, rush, in the cold autumn rain. 

I was reading Kipling out loud to my son last night. He’d told me the reason he had a bad grade was they are in the poetry module, and he hates poetry and sees no point in it. So I was reading to him, and he listened, but said he didn’t understand it. I’ve failed as a mother. And I couldn’t find my Robert Service book, which sucks. 

words matter. 

The other day at work I made an argument for the changing of a sentence. It was potentially a very major problem, with ramifications in my lab that ranged from seriously inconvenient to ‘catastrophic.’ The fix? Changing one word. That’s all it needed to alleviate the looming disaster. We didn’t have to change reams of documents, just one, with one word. Ain’t language grand? 

But no matter what you say

I’m feeling better. I really am. I’m not at a hundred percent, but I’m no longer in the ‘I might be dying’ place where everything including a simple breath hurts and requires my total concentration. Which means, of course, that I did virtually no writing last week. Shoot, shucky darn. I may miss my deadline. I was afraid of this when I said I’d do it by then. I wanted to challenge myself, and deadlines do have a way of getting the heart pumping. I have, however, been drawing Inktail all month, and last night we talked about how we’re planning the children’s book starring that little dragon and his friends. Another project! 

There’s always another day. 

Until there isn’t, of course. But while we can plan for that, we also have to keep planning forward, practical-like. I’m personally looking forward to a day when I can hold my cup of coffee in one hand, and wave at the daughter as she walks out to her own car ‘Have a good day at work, honey!’ but that’s a ways down the road yet. And I have about, um, six minutes before I need to get out to my car and drive one to her job and chat with her about what’s going on in her life and hey, you can do it, don’t worry. Adulting does have it’s rewards. 

And the Sun shines on the other side of the clouds. 

Anyone want to buy a small house, cheap? It’s less than a new car – needs some work, but the roof is sound, the heat works, and it’s convenient to amenities and schools? The library is just a few blocks up the road! It’s a deal you can’t beat for a single person or a young couple needing a cozy nest for a while. We had some sweet and happy years there until the nest filled up with chicks. 


3 responses to “Rush, rush, rush”

  1. You could put the house on Craigslist and Marketplace! But unless you really need to hurry and get it sold, it wouldn’t hurt to rest a bit longer and finish healing from this last bout of whatever-it-was.

    Robert Service poems can be found on-line….

    1. At the very least we need to change locks and so forth. The friends who told us the occupant has scarpered also said there were people in it taking stuff. Sigh.