The big move has been made, I am settling into a new home, and looking seriously at local colleges. I spent most of yesterday and today getting my office into something resembling a space I can use, and it’s looking good. The writing is on hold until this coming Monday, when I shall go back to treating it like ‘work’ with a schedule, and everything. 

This week is focussing on other things, like garden prep and bookshelves, and trying to spend some time with my sweetheart. We’re beginning life together as we mean to go on, with work, and house stuff, and some quiet time together. Not to mention playing with the dog. I got one small shelf for the office last night, and tonight we go look at three bookshelves that ought to be big enough to hold my reduced library plus the few books he’d gathered in his short time in this house. After that, we will design built-ins, but that is a ways down the road. 

It’s funny, I would have said before I arrived that my focus would be on the kitchen, and I do plan to spend the rest of my afternoon there, but the office was the first priority for a couple of reasons. One, the kitchen project is going to take two of us. There are things I *won’t* do, and he will have to handle the wiring. I don’t do electric. Two, being able to do things like this blog from my Mac and not a laptop required setting up the desks, and router, and etc. I have business invoices to create, and this computer is best for that. 

Now, my hands are tired from ripping out carpet this morning, I was hurrying to get it out for the trash men. I’m learning there are perks to living in town. I’m going to go open boxes labeled ‘office’ and try to figure out where I packed my external drive. I can’t download my camera until I have that set up, too. There will be photos, probably tomorrow!