She’s Home!

Our Family is whole again. She and Dad got into Logan around 2 yesterday afternoon and Phil was there waiting for them. After they got home Glady buzzed around like and excited bee for about an hour and then collapsed into bed around 5, to sleep for twelve hours. She was up at 5 am and Phil brought her up to be our little Welsh cuddlecakes and talk our ear off in bed for a hour! LOL – she’s been talking non-stop since she got up. I talked to Nana this morning and she says Glady was like that over there, too. Johann and Pippa (Juliet went to school already) have been clinging happily to her.

She will head back into school and normal routine tomorrow, but we thought we’d keep her home a day and let her acclimate again. Phil’s off to a daycare show in Goffstown, so it’s just the four of us at home right now. Not exactly peaceful, but good to have everyone where I know where they are.