Inktail & Friends E-Coloring Book


  An electronic coloring book? Why not – this way you can print out that one page over and over. No more worry about making a mistake in coloring! Embrace your inner creativity.      



Love to color? Want to be able to try different colors and methods on the same design without buying a bunch of books? Want to be able to print on heavier paper, lighter paper, or… something? This is a pdf file of my coloring book, full of dragons, flowers, and other characters fuzzy and small. What you will get is a file that you can print, but please don’t share or sell my file.

Inktail and Friends is 40 unique designs, plus a color wheel and a how-to section at the back of the book for a grand total of 94 pages. Suitable for ages 8 and up, there are easy designs and complex ones, as I wanted to encourage the inner artist to come out and add details to backgrounds and figures, rather than just color between the lines. Get creative!



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