Inktail, Too! E-Coloring Book



Inktail rides again! With many small friends, the mutable dragon reappears in this activity book you are sure to enjoy! 





Inktail, Too! is a coloring book, activity book, there are poems inside… but if you want to be able to color a page more than once, or print copies for each child, this is the way to go. As a mother of four, I can remember printing coloring pages off for my littles to do together, and you learn that fair is fair if everyone gets exactly the same. 

Or perhaps you are a more sophisticated colorist, who would like to print onto a heavy paper that will allow you to use watercolors, pastels, or markers without fear of bleed through thin pages. This is also the way to go! 

Whatever you do, we’d love to see your efforts in full color. 

This is a downloadable pdf file, 96 pages in length. Please do not share or forward the file itself, just the printed pages with friends. Thank you! 




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