Slowly we rise


Part of my morning routine during the weekday involves making sure the teen boy in the house is fully conscious. He’s quite good at playing possum, so I’ve gotten equally good at being annoying and persistent. The exchange sometimes sounds like this: 

knock, knock knock. 

From within: moans

knock, knock, knock

“I’m up.” 
knock, knock knock “Are you sure?”
knock, knock knock
“I’m awake!” 
“Are you, though?” 
knock, knock, knock
“I’m up, I’m up!”
Once I get a response that isn’t pre-programmed in his subconscious brain, it’s usually good. But there will be more knocking in ten minutes just to make sure. 

7 thoughts on “Slowly we rise

  1. That is normal. What wasn’t normal was you and your sister getting yourselves up at six am so you could have all of your schoolwork finished by ten, when the sun came up mid-winter in Alaska! It was a very nice abnormal, mind you, but it was definitely abnormal! Very few pre-teens and teens are motivated enough, and willing to follow through on that motivation, to get themselves out of bed that early!

    1. My Beagle Lilly would say (if she talked human) that I’m one of them.

      Of course, in my defense I don’t see why I need to get up at 2 am. 😀

  2. I’ve always been a morning person, but now I’m turning into a night person too. This does not bode well for sanity…

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