Cedar Sanderson
The writer at work

I don’t have a snippet today. For almost a year, is it? No, can’t be that long! Maybe six months, there has been a snippet of my fiction here in the Sunday blog post. Today, I don’t have one. I’m not ready to snippet The God’s Wolfling, although I have a few thousand words of that story down. It needs too much work, and too much time, to begin with the snippets any time soon. Which leaves me with a void.

I was told yesterday evening – repeatedly! – that my blog is eclectic. Well, yes, and by design. I have a lot of interests, not just writing, and I want to share. I want to make this blog interesting in turn for my readers, with the hopes of persuading you all to stick around, and enter into a sort of relationship with me. This isn’t just about attracting potential customers, you know. Yes, I’m a mercenary writer wench, but I’m also one who loves a good conversation.

I know we aren’t going to approach the conversations at my mentor Sarah Hoyt’s blog, those are phenomenal, and probably unrepeatable. But perhaps in time I can ask: “what would you like to see here, on Sundays, from me?”

I’m up for short challenge fiction. I used to play that with a group called Indie Ink, and I was sad when it dissolved. I’m unlikely to be inclined to gived you a scholarly, cited article every week (too much like school! 😉 ) but if there’s a topic you’re curious about… I do have university library privileges, and adore researching. Heck, over the summer if I get stuck on writing you are likely to get recipes and food porn photos from me.

I don’t know when the snippets will begin again. I will let you know what my progress is as I go, but my summer is going to be full, with a convention at the end of June (LibertyCon!) a chemistry class hard on the heels of that trip, and hopefully, my kids for camping a week in August. So I won’t write three novels this summer. Sorry… no, I’m not 🙂 Good things, all of them.

In the meantime, I have homework, an online quiz, two covers to finish off for others, and gardening. It’s a lot for only one day.