Lying on her back in the snow was a young woman. Already, she was dusted over with snow, which is why Sarah had missed her clothes. Dressed in a long duster jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots, she was motionless. Her face was pale… Sarah leaned closer over her, pushing Josh toward the house.
“Go home…” she told him distractedly. He didn’t need to know death, just yet.
The girl’s lashes fluttered, and then her eyes opened. Sarah gasped. “You’re alive!”
Then her practical side kicked in. The child must be freezing. “Come on, are you hurt anywhere?” She held out her hands and the other slowly raised hers, eyes slightly unfocused.
“No…” she whispered. “So cold…”
Sarah took her forearms. They were like ice. “We need to get you in the house, right now.” She pulled and was surprised at the weight for a second, then almost dropped the girl as she registered the wings that were coming up off the ground with her. They hung slack off her back, and she could almost believe they weren’t real, until the girl shuddered and they retracted up into a neat fold behind her, wrapping partly around her shoulders.
“Oh, my.” Sarah breathed. On the next breath she was back in charge of herself. “Up to the house, now.”
The young angel let herself be half carried, Josh romping around them like an excited puppy. Sarah got her up the two steps onto the porch with difficulty, the poor thing seemed to be slipping away. Josh pulled open the slider, and the two women half fell into the house.
“Joshie, go get us blankets.” His mother ordered. She was feeling for a pulse, and it was impossibly slow under her cold fingertips. She really wasn’t sure an angel could die, but all her training was kicking in now. She started pulling off the wet clothing that was making puddles on her clean floor. The angel, girl, whatever she was, was trying to help but not able to move much.