So much to do, so little time…

Let’s see. I’m typing one-handed while nursing Johann, so please forgive typos. Phil is home, as you may have guessed/heard (Johann, attend to your business and stop kicking my arm) and is mostly on bed rest with his feet elevated. All this lying still is driving him crazy at this point. The doc told him yesterday that his ulcer may be healed in a month if he keeps doing things right.

Glady had her fist grade concert last night. She was very cute singing and playing with her classmates. She is such (all right! Johann is in his exersaucer and happy with some o’s) a social butterfly. They had the kids up on a tiered stand and she was busy talking to and flirting with all around her, from her quiet little best friend Taylor, to her energetic Connor who she likes a lot. Good grief. It reminds me of my sister Manya at that age. She always had little friends and had a boyfriend at Glady’s age. I have discouraged the girls from having “boyfriends” explaining that although their friends talk about such things, they are too young for it. Nana and Bopop were able to come for the concert, and they took Glady off to Wendy’s afterward.

Phil was at home with the two little girls, and he was pooped by the time I got home. Poor guy – he’s sound asleep now and I want to keep him that way for a while. Well, I need to eat my breakfast and clean up this messy house, it never seems to get where I want it.

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  1. Oh PHLFFFT!! As mothers, do we EVER get the house the “way we want it”? Of course we do – when all the little birdies fly the nest…until then, play with the birdies – the house can be tidied later ๐Ÿ™‚

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