Something Nutty

The other day I was getting ready for work and hustling the kids out the door for school when I found a nut on my desk. Since it hadn’t been there only moments before, and my desk was actually clean (temporarily. That’s never a state that lasts long in my office) I knew that one of the kids had left it. That, or maybe a sekrit admirer Skwirl. Since the First Reader had already gone to work I was betting on one of my kids.

They know me well. I’m not big on flowers, at least not the cut kind. And my family will often call me to ‘come look at this bug!’ or ‘Mama, there’s a really ugly bug… get your camera.’ A few years ago, after I’d commented that I’d never had a chance to see an Osage Orange fruit close up, the First Reader left one on my desk where I oohed and ahhed over the green monkey-brain looking thing. A nut on the desk is quite in line with that sort of quirkiness I expect from my loved ones.

Another woman, I’m sure, would rather have a piece of chocolate, or jewelry from her husband, or some more traditional gift. Probably not a battered hickory nut that may or may not have anything edible inside. But I am feeling loved because the nut was right up my alley. We all have peculiarities. That someone else figures those out, and takes the time to present us with something that fits those unique niches in our personality is what being loved is all about.

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3 responses to “Something Nutty”

  1. P’raps it was an editorial comment? Kinda like leaving a crawfish on a politician’s desk? (Swamp Thing) 🙂

  2. lol. That is very cool. Unless it has a visible crack, it probably does have a tasty black walnut inside. I have friends who make folk art with them, sawing them up into little miniature baskets or teapots or slicing them into napkin rings or etc.

  3. Perhaps it is a message from the past, send from Bastogne by General Anthony McAuliffe.