Sometimes it doesn’t work

Having one of those days where things are slightly off-kilter. I’m on the phone with my hosting company and discovering that two years ago when I moved to Ohio and set up a dual site, something was massively FUBARed. We still don’t know what. I certainly don’t know, because evidently what I was told was done – to mirror one of my business sites to another – was not what was done in reality.

So, yeah, about that website redesign I was planning. Heh. Might be doing that tonight.

I am, of course, talking about the other site, for my performing business. It’s been out of sight, out of mind for a while since I have been busy. This blog, I’m on daily updating. The other I would poke at once every few months and then forget about. It’s a passive site, meant to drive contacts to email or phone calls, not interaction on the site. Right now, it’s down entirely, which is freaking me a little.

So if you were wondering what happened, that’s it. Sometimes my day works according to plan, sometimes it doesn’t.

Flowers everywhere.
Flowers everywhere.