Sometimes they make us laugh

For all that the kids sometimes drive us crazy (like Juliet sitting on the arm of my chair right now reading over my shoulder!!!) they also have the ability to crack us up like nothing else…

A few days ago Pippa came running out of her room with a pair of tights on her head and announced that she was a new superhero! Ninja Bunny! and of course, Johann had to get into the act! Now our little Ninja bunnies appear at unlikely times to dance around and accomplish special tasks, like Pippa’s chore of keeping the shoes in the entryway organized.

This morning Johann trotted out of his room to go outside with his sisters who were waiting for the bus. I was laughing too hard to take his picture, but Phil did… As you can see, he dressed himself!

Juliet loves to tickle me to make me laugh. She wasn’t feeling well this afternoon (we’ve had a tummy bug going around) and she told me that she loves cuddling me. I felt a little like a mother hen with her chick under her wing as Juliet snuggled under my arm.

Glady likes to make jokes and pull pranks. She is the biggest Goober of them all, and we have a bunch of them in the family!

Dad jumped out behind Phil and I in the parking lot at the clinic and thumped on the car. It wasn’t funny at the time, because we both jumped so high (from a sitting position, even more impressive!) but it was later.

Phil was debating naptime in the car with Johann this afternoon…
“Yes, nite-nite” (Phil)
“No nite nite”
“Yes nite-nite”
“no nite nite”
“No nite nite” (Phil)
“No! you say yes nite-nite, I say no nite nite!”

OK, reverse psychology doesn’t work on this kid….


One response to “Sometimes they make us laugh”

  1. Loved this blog!! My laugh for the day was the Phil-Johann dialog. (aunt mimi)