Sowing Seeds


Don’t forget! This evening, over on my channel, I’ll be chatting live at 7:30 pm EST. I’ve been told the most reliable way to remember is to click the notification bell when you subscribe to the channel. Up to you – if you follow that link you will find all the older videos I’ve done. Hah. Older for values of ‘I’ve been doing this a month, now.’ 

I’m really enjoying it, too. I’ve been thinking about ways to have someone else on with me. Like Jimmie, my collaborator for One Hungry Werewolf. I think a conversation about the making of that book would be a blast, and some of you all might enjoy it, too. I have also been thinking about cooking videos. I’ve been asked for such a thing over the years, many times. I’ve hesitated because, well, it’s a saturated market. I don’t have a beautiful kitchen, it’s workmanlike. Although the current kitchen is better than ones in the past that were utilitarian with… allowances. 

Anyway, it’s all a work in progress. Including, evidently, a garden. The Little Man presented me with plans, yesterday, for growing in his bedroom under the window. I talked him through some of the potential issues inherent in having a large tray full of dirt and water near his servers (calculate the weight, kid. Base it on water. Show your work…) When I got home, we talked more, and then I introduced him to the joy of seed catalogs! He had been looking at Amazon for packets of seeds (which was ridiculous for pricing) and I handed him a couple of catalogs and a highlighter. Some time later, we pared down the wishlist and I actually ordered what he wanted. I had a moment, doing that. How many garden dreams have I built, like castles in the air, only to have them fall down again? I can’t count, but as many as I have years in my life. I need to rectify that. 

It’s a matter of time. I haven’t got it. He doesn’t, either, although he thinks he does. He plans to get a job as soon as he turns 16, in early July. The planned garden won’t even be fully grown! 

And I am going to wander off, now. I’ll see you on Youtube tonight! 



2 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds

  1. We’ve been playing with the idea of putting in a garden. Here it would need a tall fence, though. Wild critters aren’t very good about staying out of where they don’t belong. Good luck to your son with his indoor garden!

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