The girls came running in a minute ago to let me know they had found a garden spider – bring the camera and come see! So I went out into the glorious morning with them and we looked at the little spider (where else? in the garden! Glady said when I asked her where it was). Then we took turns holding a Daddy-long-legs which crawled slowly because it was still to chilly to move fast. And we walked around the front yard looking for webs full of dew before I had to come back in. What a nice way to begin a day.

Well, my day had already begun three hours before, but this was their start. Phil is off to a show up north, and he has another tonight. Dad is preparing for his big bee-talk at the Holderness Science Center. he tried to get some bees to take up residence in a skep so he’d have some honey in it to show people, but the bees decided that they’d rather live somewhere else… And his plan to dig up a Bumblebee colony was foiled by the heavy rains that have drowned most of them out. Now he’s on to plan B, rather disappointed.

Well, I have a full schedule today, so I’m off to work ( the other room, don’tcha know).


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