State of the Art

I was thinking about art this morning. I have so many options. I’ve got my 7″ android tablet, which has nifty drawing apps, and a capacitive paintbrush I bought, although I still prefer my own fingertips on that. I have a pentablet, not an expensive one, but it still amazes me what I can do on that thing. I’m merely skimming the surface of the possibilities, there. And I have pens, pencils, calligraphy dip-pens, sumi-e brushes which force me to meditate as I painstakingly grind the ink before I begin to paint. I have my paints, and a myriad of brushes, sponges, and of course, glitter. I have the resources of the internet at my fingertips for tutorials and inspiration.

For all these supplies, which I could use to create almost any style of 2-D art, there is no guarantee I’ll produce anything worth looking at. I am not a particularly talented artist. A few years ago, I would have sworn up one side and down the other that I couldn’t draw. Sculpture, I had worked with and knew I could do some things with. I miss having my hands in clay to this day. Photography, I insisted, is different. But when I was dropped into the deep end, I discovered that there was something. I practiced, a lot. I stretched my horizons into different things, tried techniques I’d never heard of. I was able to go take a couple of day classes with world-class body artists, and then get to a convention which was a huge thrill and learning experience.

But yesterday was the first time I’d sat in a classroom, getting ready to take an intensive, formal art class. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this. A few years ago a friend insisted that I acknowledge what I do is art, and furthermore, I make money, so I am a professional artist. I came to realize that the act of creation is very important to me, that it feeds my spirit. So when an opening in my schedule came up, I signed up for the Drawing 1 class at school.

This, should be fun! Brain Food!

Butterfly Dreams
Butterfly Dreaming the Day Away (Digital art on tablet) 
watercolor painting of snow and sunset
“Leave Only Tracks”
Kello Kitty Sugar Skull
Now, this one I painted for fun, no sketches first. I’m much happier with the way it came out, slightly asymmetrical, and minimal color.
Celtic Painted Warrior
The blue woad, sword, and shillelagh all suit him beautifully. Painted by Cedar





The Eternity Symbiote cover artwork
My digital artwork
Cedar Sanderson
Dragon rider in pencil, initial sketch
Henna hand art
Painting flowers, and coning henna, the lavendar essential oil in the henna helps with the relaxation, too!
Cedar Sanderson
The artwork that will grace the cover of a fantasy story.