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State of the Writer

So this is going to be a relatively short update post. Not exciting, sorry, but I have a case of the empty brain today and am sitting here trying to figure out what to write. There are topics that interest me, might not appeal to my readers, but I just don’t have the oomph to take on anything weighty today.

I’ve been staying busy as always. As far as the creative facet of my life goes, I’ve got several projects on the burners as usual. During the week I’ve committed to writing a thousand words a day (roughly an hour if the story is flowing), doing a quick ink sketch during lunch (takes me about ten minutes out of the thirty I have for lunch), and doing two dragons (I have a big vendor order to fill). I’m also working on digital art both for personal practice and book covers, having a couple of clients waiting on the finished product.

Drilling down into the writing projects, I have about four works in progress. Apple-Cheeked Poison is on hiatus. I need more brain to get into that, because while I know who dies, and whodunit, I need to fill in the gaps a bit more than that for it to hold water for readers! Ten Pigeons is part of my 2018 writing goals, with a proposed publication date of June. There’s a novella I am working on slowly that is further adventures of Amaya, who you met in Snow in Her Eyes. The East Witch, which will be the fourth book in the Pixie universe but without Lom and Bella as characters in it, is my priority right now. If I can keep up the 1000 words daily on it, I’ll be finished by the end of February. We will see. I’m past the halfway mark on it (woohoo!) and really need to stop and re-read and make notes about what’s happened so I know what needs to happen still.

I haven’t yet tried to think about what I’ll be writing in the second half of 2018. I have projects I really really want to accomplish, but I’m not sure which will be priority – or more important, which stories will start to pester me to write them most. Probably it will be Tanager’s Flight, as I’m already getting trickles of that story, although I’m also getting bits of the currently-unnamed tale that will be the third Children of Myth tale. Not to mention the children’s books…

I need more time to write and draw. That’s all there is to this. And since it’s unlikely that I’ll find more time in the day (although I do look hard!) that means I’ll just have to go slow and hope I don’t forget things. Like walking out the door this morning without my watch.

Oh, and on the other hand – I have a literal stack of artwork I want to try and sell. I have neither the time nor the inclination to chase down art shows or gallery space (and I don’t have the confidence in my artistic abilities for that last, either). I know very well that art shows better in person than in a photograph. I’m working on photographing my art, and I’m going to be selling it. I’m not going to price it high – I want it to go to good homes, and much of it is simply pen and ink work. However, if you know of a piece you’d like, get in touch and make me an offer. Or if you’d like to commission a piece, as I am working on art daily and would be happy to create a custom piece.


Watercolor and ink, matted at 8″x10″ in an 11×14″ black mat.

Header image is “Games Under the Peonies” and is also watercolor and ink that will mat to 8″x10″. It is currently unmatted and could be shipped in a tube.


4 thoughts on “State of the Writer

  1. Hello Cedar – I am new to your posts thanks to my husband. He is helping learn to be a SAHA (Stay At Home Artist) and is being very helpful in providing me support in learning to balance my time between projects, home, etc. The first post I read was how to list out the items that you want to accomplish on a daily basis. You have basically listed out items that you want to accomplish, but perhaps on a year long scale. So, list out the items under a heading like. ‘Writing projects I would like to tackle starting in July 2018’. List them in priority and let the stories fall where they may. So, I would say that you are following your own advice. Perhaps you can list out your intentions on a board and cross them off as you go throughout the year. That way you have a quick visual on your accomplishments over the year. I look forward to reading your own posts. Something on my list, ‘Look up Ceder Sandersons Art Work’.

    1. Yes, I am working off a year-long scope, which I have a spreadsheet I use to keep track of my progress. I posted at the first of the year about my plans -i should have linked that post to this, and I may go back and do that.

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