Tired. Yesterday I spent literally all day running around with my kids, getting groceries, laundry done… all those little things that you must do when you’ve been away and on the road for eight days. Today, for some reason, I ache.

I contemplated just writing in public, this morning. Starting where I’m at in the book-that-needs-a-name, and doing an hour on the keyboard. My son is sitting behind me narrating his Minecraft game to me, but that would just add to it. I’m not, because there was trash that needed to go out, and breakfast and… The good news is that the writing brain is coming back online. The bad news is that it will take some planning to make the time for it to be fully armed and operational.

Those of you who follow the food blogs I do will wonder where the Eat This While You Read That! post is. I lost a day, coming back from LC, and I didn’t have the oomph to cook the meal and shoot it yesterday as planned. We had very simple pork chops and Greek Salad for dinner instead. I’m also rearranging it a bit. I’ll be doing blogs on geeky kid summer fun over at Otherwhere Gazette for a few weeks, and returning ETWYRT to this blog. I’m contemplating creating a logo for the series, and with the new recipe-creator plugin that allows for easy printing, it should begin to look pretty posh.

While I was at LibertyCon I’d planned to talk to fellow authors about giving me a dish or a recipe for the series, but I was too darn busy to even remember it… but I have been sending FB messages to a few folks to get some recipes lined up. They don’t need to give me a full recipe – simply the name of a dish  they like to eat or associates well with their book. If you, my readers, want to suggest an author you’d like to see in the line-up, let me know in the comments.

Cedar Sanderson
Photo by Oleg Volk (unedited)


3 responses to “State of the Writer”

  1. “simply the name of a dish they like to eat or associates well with their book”
    That’s easy, braiinzzzzzz.

    Glad you had fun and made it home safe, with the new baggage (Begledge?)
    Rest rest rest. you’ll do better in the long run.

  2. La Vaughn Kemnow Avatar
    La Vaughn Kemnow

    I could come up with a recipe related to one of my books–after they are published–but I don’t write about the same things you do. Cedar-Planked Salmon, to go with the Indian Slavery book?

    1. I would be delighted to include your books in this series when you are ready! I don’t have all authors on this list, there is an editor and a webcomic, and a fan-writer has been invited too.