Summer has officially started

Mr. Phil and His stagehands at Nashua Public Library for the kickoff of Summer Reading. The girls actually have minor parts in the show for the first time.Glady cuddles a sleeping Figaro. He still lives in the Bathroom part time. He’s good about his box – but we prefer not to test his little body! So he’s allowed out to play and snooze on us, but then he goes back in there for a while.
As you can see by Phil’s finger in this picture, Figgy is a micro-cat! He’s small even for a baby kitten.
After all this rain, we were rewarded with a double rainbow yesterday.
Figaro and Leroy the bunny say hello. Figgy kept pouncing on Leroy, but the rabbit ignored the kitten. Leroy is a 12-week old mini rex, who debuted in a birthday show yesterday and did beautifully. He is so placid.

Phil dressed up as the Big Hobo – as opposed to Chaplin, who was the Little Tramp! – and went off to ride the train today. It is pouring rain out there, so I don’t know how busy he’ll be, but they did build him a little theater at the end of the station to perform magic on, so that will be fresh and fun to try out!

We did the first Summer Reading Porgram show of the season on Wednesday, and a full weekend of performances. so the rush of summer is upon us. An eyeblink and it will be Labor Day! The kids are all a little stir crazy with the rain, but Glady pulled out her EZ Bake oven and has promised brownies to her sisters and brother.
The biggest thing of the week is Figaro, an 8-week old marmalade kitten who has come to our house. He is adorable and playful and loves to cuddle, especially on Phil.