Summer is Dead – Long live Fall!

We are bringing in what harvest we have, preparing for the first Frost, which technically could come any day now in New Hampshire. September first is the first day of Fall for me, whatever the actual date may be. Because we lost the tomatoes in the greenhouse to blight, Dad has pulled them out and replaced them with the everbearing strawberries that were not thriving in pots. The pigs uprooted most of my garden, but they left the basil alone. Note for future – pigs hate basil.


The basil is now massive bushes waist high to me and heavily leafed. One of them was knocked over in our recent storm, so I cut it at the base and brought it in. I will make pesto with some, and take the rest to the library and find good homes for it.


We picked the last tomatoes out of the greenhouse, only a basketful. Compared to last year when we had that much daily through August, this was sad. I will make tomato sauce and salsa with it. While we were in there, we picked catnip. I showed Glady how to hang it to dry. We cleaned the leaves off the lower stem, tied it with a bit of string and hung it from a hook in the ceiling out of direct sunlight. That easy, and it will be completely dry in less than a week. She wants to make cat toys out of it.


We are about to enjoy an end-of-season treat, fried green tomatoes. I thinly sliced two medium sized green tomatoes, then dredged them in some flour which had salt and pepper mixed into it. Then we fried them in a cast-iron skillet with melted butter until they were crispy and browned slightly. Salty, tart, and satisfying.