Wow, it has been a while since I posted! Sorry, everybody. Life has been crazy, as we launched the Summer Reading Show June 24, after more than a month of preparation and rehearsal. Then came last week, the busiest week of the year, with 4th of July festivities. We did take time out for Family, though, and got together up at Toad Hill to meet Nikki, Paul’s lovely bride.

Phil is doing well, considering the punishing schedule this summer. He’s tired but not burning out, and not sick of his job (yet! LOL – poor guy loves doing this, but every sumer there comes a point…). You can check out our calendar at the website,, and be sure to check there through the summer, as we have hired a new web-guy who will be helping us upgrade the site. Woo-Hoo! that has been on our minds for too long.

The girls are doing well… mostly. Today they are driving one another crazy. Johann was having trouble with the heat the last couple of days… poor little doo-dad. We had to postpone his Birthday celebration because he wasn’t feeling well. He did turn 3 yesterday, though! Yay! He’s so big now – I can hardly believe it has been that long. The girls got haircuts Tuesday. They look adorable. My camera is broken, but I sill gat a picture soon to put up here. Glady went for just a trim – she wants he hair long and as she has been taking care of it well enough I don’t mind. Pippa and Juliet got bobs – Phil calls it the mushroom cut! – and Juliet had long enough hair to donate hers to Locks of Love.

I am good. The heat isn’t getting me down as much this year, and other than being really busy I have been enjoying summer. I will hopefully post again soon!