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Sunday Art: Cat’s Eyes

Not my cat. This is the cat that lives on our neighbor’s porch, and prowls the neighborhood. She’s pretty, and today I managed to catch her with the long lens. She could hear the shutter clicking and sat down to look at me and try to figure out what I was doing, so I got rather nice shots. The header photo is light editing for contrast, and shot with the 500 mm lens. The other three are edited with HDR Efex, in Bright, a custom blend, and no edits at all from RAW to jpg, all the same exposure shot with 300mm lens. 

Edited to HDR Bright
A custom HDR edit. I wanted drama, lots of drama.
No editing at all from original RAW.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Art: Cat’s Eyes

  1. Did you actually take multiple exposures?

    Someday i will get a camera that can do it automatically.

    1. The header and the photos in the body are different lenses and exposures. The three photos in the post are all different edits of a single exposure. I do have the DSLR set to auto, most often, because I don’t have time to set up all the details when I’m trying to capture birds and bugs – and the occasional cat! – on the fly.

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